The problems faced by students in comprehending reading descriptive text at the seventh grade of MA Al-Mujahidin MarabahanKalimantanIslamic

Adiansyah, Adiansyah The problems faced by students in comprehending reading descriptive text at the seventh grade of MA Al-Mujahidin MarabahanKalimantanIslamic. uniska. (Unpublished)


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The reserach are to describe the way of teaching speaking through pictures At The Seventh Grade Of Mts.Innayatuhalbhin and to describe the student‟s responses toward the teaching speaking and learning through pictures At The Seventh Grade Of Mts.Innayatuhalbhin.This research uses qualitative design, The location of this research is Mts.Inayatuhalibhin. This school is located at Jl. Mawar Banjarmasin No.23 RT.24. The reserach used observation and interview. The process of teaching speaking at the seventh grade of Mts.Innayatuhalbhinis running well. It is proved by the successful of teacher in conducting strategy of learning by picture media and conversation, in applying strategy of teaching speaking. The teacher distributes picture to all students. The teacher did three stages, namely are pre-activity, while activity and post activity. Then, the teacher asked the students to describe based on the picture individually. The students responses an analysis of developing speaking skill at the seventh grade Mts.Innayatuhalbhin.2016/2017 are students feel afraid to make mistakes especially when they speak English in the class and mostly students lack of the motivation to speak English and practice it. And the ability students in developing speaking skill in daily activities is still low especially in the classroom. This is because of the lack of students opportunity to practice speaking English and thus mastering vocabulary. There is in adequate class time spent on speaking so there is little support for English-speaking from the teacher.The teacher do the practicing several steps to motivate students to talk interested to practice English in the classroom, of them are by doing several thing as follows : positive reinforcement, clear goals and instructions, the element of surprise, variety is the spice of life and friendly competition. And to make the students speaking ability improved, the teacher did treatment with using picture and conversation in teaching speaking picture can be used teacher whatever the emphasis of the syllabus they are following. Picture is one of media that can to help teacher draw students interest and improve students motivation to learn because pictures assist students to the develop creativity and increase thinking ability. Teaching use picture media make the teaching and learning process will be more effective, teaching learning situation will be more attractive, and both teacher and students get advantages from the visual media in classroom.

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