Analisis Pemberdayaan Sumber Daya Manusia Pada Struktur Organisasi (Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten Balangan)

Sulastini, Sulastini (2009) Analisis Pemberdayaan Sumber Daya Manusia Pada Struktur Organisasi (Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten Balangan). Aktualia Media Komunikasi Ilmiah Universitas Balikpapan, 28 (21). pp. 23-43. ISSN 1410-2684

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Aim of research for getting empiric proofing empowerment of human resources development (SDM empowerment) at Organization Structure of Education Departement Balangan Regency. This is research use formative evaluation method. It can give descripting about evaluating toward posibble of getting target result for specially items of formation aspec, empowerment efforting, potency, message receiving and arbitrarily, empowerment constraint, and solution of empowerment consentraint. The result is proofing pattern of SDM empowerment potency of leadership who take control Education Department of SOTK generally is good walking, and with in pattern of SDM empowerment receiving message and arbitrarily at Education Department SOTK by general is good walking too. The proofing is not trouble in responsibility ini working. Pattern SDM empowerment in receiving message and arbitrarily have influenced by understanding toward function analysis and task, individual task, include actiong or task of organization. Difficult solution of SDM individual constraints are from SDM individual can not authorize partially. Solution of organization have to do eliminating SDM empowerment constraint at Education Departement SOTK walk good generally. The solution are identify of constraint, target programs, and solution of attractiong desirous of SDM.

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